Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I Can Swim!

Just got back from a rather miserable dinner at Tesco. I had murtabak and orange juice.

This murtabak is just an example. It's not the one that I ate.

Murtabak = RM3.50 and not worth it! I prefer the murtabak from the nasi kandar restaurant in my uni and it's cheaper there too! I'm getting sick of Tesco food already but then, car park at Tesco is free and easy. If I wanted decent Chinese economy rice food, I'll have to walk a little further.

Anyway, I can swim with the board! No, I'd sink without the board. I just realized that when kicking, I'd have to kick out really hard so as to push myself forward. Hah, why didn't anyone tell me that before? All this while, I was doing the 'frog style' kicking wrong. The other swimming beginners could already swim with the board but I was still struggling. Hah! Now, I can swim with the board, too!!! I was so happy when I found myself finally moving to further places in the water.

Well, tomorrow's Thaipusam. I've never been to a Thaipusam event before. But, I guess it'll be very crowded tomorrow. One of my lecturers even encouraged us to go and see everything for ourselves. He even reminded us to bring along our cameras so we can snap lots of memorable pictures!

To know more about what Thaipusam is all about, where Thaipusam is held in Penang, and what do they do, click here. THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST.

And tomorrow, NO CLASSES!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!

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