Sunday, January 13, 2008

Creativity Takes Work

Maybe. I spent a couple of hours just now designing bookmarks and now I'm practically exhausted. You think making hand-made bookmarks is easy??? Yeah, I did a lot of cut and paste to produce those bookmarks. Even my mom said they look nice and it's very difficult to get a positive remark from her when it comes to my art!

Will people buy bookmarks? I'm making them as it is my turn to make them for my entrepreneurship class. My previous bookmarks aren't very nice unfortunately...well, I like the latest ones better.

Oh no, I haven't reviewed 'New Moon' yet! I've finished reading that book about a week ago and still no review. Very bad of me. I'll try to write the review today. There's class tomorrow and tutorial in the evening where the lecturer may just call someone randomly and ask questions! I forgot what we're supposed to read lah! Better check soon.

Anyway, last night, I 'accidentally' stumbled across someone's blog. Don't we do that everyday? But, this is different. I came across a course mate's blog. Haih, so boring. The blog was more like his diary where he poured out his feelings and frustrations. What time he woke up, what time he slept...blah blah blah. Definitely not going back.

Got presentation for my BM class soon! Tatabahasa stuff. I hope I got my tatabahasa correct.

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