Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Finished Watching Roswell

Yup, I finished watching all 3 seasons. Well, I actually watched the few last episodes last Saturday. The last episode was very emotional. 4 of them were gonna get killed and they had to escape their enemies obviously.

Do you feel sad when it's the last episode of a show that you like? Do you wish there were more? That they'd continue?

But then it's better that there's an end to it. Or you'll be forever glued to the television and neglecting other things. Forgetting that there's real life to live and get involve in. Not getting involved in the TV characters' lives!

Well, you could watch like one episode a day. Moderation is the key. Too much of a good thing ain't that good anyway.


  1. I know what you mean - I've just finished the 3 seasons of "Grey's Anatomy" and wonder if the 4th is out already???!!!

  2. Ohh, you gotta be patient...haha! Anyway, I'm only just beginning to show interest in Grey's Anatomy. :D


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