Tuesday, January 8, 2008

'Basically' Is Such An Overused Word

I attended a few club meetings and was drowned in all those 'basicallys' used by the speakers. Basically this, basically that...can't they substitute it with another not-so-stale word? I got bored and I decided to count the number of times a speaker used that B word.

The speakers are students of course. Yes, they are good speakers but to improve on their speaking, I'd suggest they try to use different words and not use 'basically' so often. What's so great about the word anyway? Maybe there's a rhythm to it. Basically... Do they like the 'k' sound in the 3rd syllable? Maybe they like the 'kli' sound.

Bay-see-kli. Bay-see-ke-li.

It's so irritating but fortunately I can still concentrate on what they're trying to say. Won't you go bonkers if someone used the same word again and again and again?


  1. basically, they are saying basically stuff.

    Hehhe.i tend to use that word as well when i speak on stage.

  2. Well, if you use it more than once, I'm going to throw tomatoes at you! Maybe the others in the audience might join me...haha!

  3. Haha...this is funny! Yeah, I introduced vocabulary exercises in my oral English classes to emphasize that there are other words besides "basically" :P

  4. I'll get bored hearing hundreds of repition in that speech :D

    Happy New Year 2008, Josette :D

  5. in our final year project presentation, the lecturer took a video of our presentation. We have spent hours preparing for the presentation, syncing our presentation time and so on. It is only after reviewing the video that we realise, we use a lot of basically. Used to start every sentence. Sometimes twice in one sentence.. half way through the video review, we got sick of basically...

    made us more aware of ourselves.


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