Sunday, May 20, 2007

To Be A Good Blogger...

I came across this site through Project Petaling Street and was I glad I found it! The blogger, Narrowband, gave 11 hot tips on how to be a good and responsible blogger. The tips are for you, the blogger, and for your blog(s) too!

Narrowband had been very creative and precise with his tips. He explained them in an easy to understand way.

So, if you are thinking of becoming a blogger or if you were one already, I advise you to check out the tips he gave. Happy Blogging!


  1. Aww.. *blushes*. I don't think all the tips teach you to be a 'good' or even 'responsible' blogger. Probably only #11: Credit your sources.

    The tips serve more like.. y'know to tell people "What to expect", "What to look forward to", "What'll happen if you do this".

    Psst: Here's a secret, there were only 10 initially (Wanted to make it round figure). And then #11 popped into mind and I didn't want to remove any of the 10 so.. hence the 11th. lol.

    Thanks for sharing it here ;)

  2. narrowband: Well, no matter what the number is! 10, 11, 12....the more the better.

    myutopia: Yeah, that's why I wrote about it. Haha!


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