Monday, May 7, 2007

From Queensbay to BM

Ah, what a tiring Saturday! A fun one, too and I learnt to be much more independent.

My cousin came over to stay at my house for the weekend. My sister thought it’d be more fun to bring him and me over to Penang and to Queensbay Mall so we wouldn’t be so bored at home but we had to come back home ourselves! He had to get his hair cut first, and then only we headed for Penang Island. I haven’t seen my cousin for nearly 5 years and it was good to see him again. Even my sis was shocked by how different he looked! Haha!

Yup, we were off to my favourite mall and had lunch there. After that, we were free to wander off by ourselves. We had to be outside the mall before 5 pm to board the shuttle bus that will take us to Komtar.

First, we went to Borders. =) I had to go to Borders. It’s my favourite bookstore. How could I NOT go to Borders when I’m already at Queensbay??? Anyway, there was a sale going on there. Well, yesterday was the last day of the sale, unfortunately. I hope you enjoyed it though.

I had to leave Borders because my cousin wanted to go to Popular as he wanted to find a certain book. I don’t know where Popular is but we’ll undoubtedly find it. We went to higher levels and then down again and still no Popular!

During our journey, we also made a few stops at some shops. I saw the skating rink and wanted to go skating but the fee was RM16. I did not bring extra money to spend on skating so we skipped that idea. We also went to the games center and played a stupid basketball game in a machine. Neither of us won anything. The ball just wouldn’t bounce into the basket!

In the end, my cousin got tired of the hunting and asked me again if I knew where Popular was. Hehe…poor fella. So, I asked the guard where’s Popular and he told me where I could find it. We did find it.

About 15 minutes before 5 pm, I had to drag my cousin away from a shop selling crystals to wait outside the mall for the bus. If we missed the bus at 5 pm, the next one would only come at 9 pm! When we went out, the bus was already there but the driver was nowhere to be seen. He only appeared at exactly 5 pm. Grrrr…..

Then, we went to Komtar and I had to find a bus to take us to the jetty. After asking around, I found the yellow bus, Milan that would take us there. We were lucky because as soon as we reached the jetty, a ferry had arrived. Not much waiting, then. I’ve been on quite a lot of ferry rides this year. Sadly, I haven’t traveled on a ferry for many years.

Okay, so we reached the jetty at Butterworth. I had to find another bus that would take us to BM. Finally, I found the wanted bus and we hopped on it. Yeah, home sweet home after a long day! I think my cousin was quite relieved when we got home. He probably thought we’d be stuck somewhere since I did not know which buses to take! But I did it! And it was surely easy. Well, it’s easy because I know my way already. Now, that’s a comforting thought.


  1. Borders is good. In fact aside from Kinokuniya, Borders seem to have a large selection of books that you cannot find in another book stores.

  2. Yeah, you are right. There are indeed some books not found in MPH but they're available in Borders. Well, we can't have everything!


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