Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I like to write dates in my books!

I have a habit of writing out my name and the date of purchase in my books. All kinds of books, whether they are schoolbooks or storybooks. Well, at least people will know that the books belong to me and I will also know when I bought the book. It’s nice when I pick out an old-looking book, and then turning to the first page to check out the date I bought it.

That’s one habit of mine when it comes to books. I bet some of you have your own peculiar habits too! Like maybe, you wrap all your books? Or do you arrange your books in alphabetical order in your bookshelf? Whatever it is, as long as it makes you happy and contented.

Anyway, I don’t wrap my books and I don’t arrange them in alphabetical order. Nah. Maybe I’m too lazy and I don’t see the point of wrapping the books. I just take care to handle them with utmost care. And I don’t dog-ear the pages of my books. No way would I do that. If I stopped at a certain page, I’ll mark it with a bookmark. That way, my book will still look like new even if I’ve read it about 50 times. Hey, I am a book lover, after all! And they love me. Yes, they love me!

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to keep the pages of my books from browning. For instance, my Harry Potter books. I haven’t read them in years and they’ve been collecting dust in my bookshelf. =D I’m so lazy that I don’t find the time to wipe the dust off! Well, the pages are browner than ever! Some books still look fine but some just look quite disgusting with its extra-brown pages.

Okay, I’m off to read Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones now! And do check out my review on Jane Eyre. Great book. Definitely not to be missed!


  1. What I've take the initiative to do since last year was to label my books. I got myself some book labels — the ones which you stick at the back of the front cover where you scribble down your name and date of purchase.

    My earliest book was a pop-up book my Dad bought for me from London. It was dated 1986 if not mistaken. The year I was borned.

  2. Hi hinching! Oh, do you mean book plates? Book plates are like labels with designs on them and you can write your name and the date of purchase.

  3. I used to have this bad habit of getting a writing pad (those squarish ones) and the took out the pricing sticker and stick it on the paper. This would make the paper a little thicker thus making it as a bookmark. Over the years, the paper will turn brown, so as the paper of the book.

    Actually I much prefer a brown paper book rather than a white new ones.

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  5. jase lee: Haha! Yeah, that does sound like a funny habit but as long as you like it, then it's not a problem at all!

    greenleaf: Hi there! Thanks and yeah, I've been writing lots of paid posts but now, I'm taking a break from them. Thanks for the link.

  6. hey. i love dating my books too. :) for no particular reason. got that habit from my mom. oh yeah, really hope you'll enjoy reading Howl's Moving Castle. I watched a Japanese animation based on this book and it's really nice. Love Howl and Sophie a lot! :D

  7. Haha! I learnt it from my father! Funny lah they all....

    Well, I'm halfway through Howl's and so far, it's good. =D

  8. Haha.. I have the same habit as you. I love writing the date on my book. On the very last page. And my name on the first page. But it must be in pencil though. Can't bear to write it in pen. Though people can rub it off but no choice la.

    I wrap my books too! Or else I wont read it! Haha.. we are books freaks!

  9. princess shin: Oh, how come you write the date on the last page? And your name on first page? Interesting. Haha! Sometimes, if the book is really nice or expensive, it'd be somewhat difficult for me to write my name in pen, too!

    But, I still write for the sake of writing and so that, later, in many more years to come, I can always flick to the first page and see how my handwriting looked like at that time.


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