Saturday, May 19, 2007

Related Posts Problem!

What in the world is wrong with my Related Posts plugin in my Books Love Me blog??? Why is it that some of my book reviews have no related posts? Only a handful of posts have some posts listed under the Related Posts heading. How does it work in the first place? How do they list them out?

Well, it's some minor problem for me anyway but it still bothers me. I'm sure I did what I had to do, that is, inserted all the right codes at the right places. This related posts stuff took me a long, long time to get it right. I had to ask for help, too, as usual. That's my motto. When I can't figure it out after a while, it's time to call for help! That's how it was when I was doing Mathematics in school!

Now, I'm going through each post to check which ones do not have any related posts. So far, I noticed that most of my older posts did have related posts. The most recent posts do not have any related posts listed. Does it mean that I have to wait for the posts to be older? Sounds like a pretty weird theory!

I'm currently reading Twilight by Stephenie Meyer and it'll take a while for me to finish it off! I'm in KL now and using my auntie's computer. I did not know she had an Internet connection. When she told me that she had one, I was somewhat ecstatic! I can check my blogs and and my e-mails! Haha! Clearly, I can't live without the Internet. Very sad, I know.

All right, it's the end of this post!

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