Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Preparing For University

It really feels like a big step for me! It feels like going to school for the first time. But this is not regular primary or secondary school. This is UNIVERSITY. (No more uniforms! Though, I like them at times.) After university, it’s time to enter the working world. Yeah, the infamous big, bad, world! And I guess university helps you survive it.

Anyway, the question is: Can I survive university in the first place? It’s too soon to think about it. I’ll just live day by day and see how things are.

Being in university also means no going back home to complain to mummy and papa about how evil friends were. No more home-cooked food. No more washing machine (hopefully there are those paying machine ones!). No more comfy bed. No more television! I think got television lah. Erm, what else huh?

Ten days more! Wah, so scary…

I’m lucky my future university is not far from home. If I need anything, I can always go back anytime and get it. What about those having to study far, far away? Yes, there’s the adventure! Good for them!

What essential things to bring? What not to bring? Which stuff that I’ll need the most? Looks like it is time for shopping again. For clothes, stationeries, etc. I’m afraid clothes and other stuff will get stolen. We’re going to meet lots of people from different backgrounds and habits.

Nevertheless, after six months of leisure and relaxing, the thought of going back for classes again seems ‘un-refreshing’. Haha! I’m so happy going online, blogging, reading books, and watching movies and TV.

I think I can survive it. I can do it! I’ve just Googled ‘preparing for university’ and now going through the different websites. Here are a few useful ones:

University of Bolton - Preparing for University

Preparing For University

Practical Steps To Prepare For College

Preparing For University - Sweda ------>cool site! Good questions to ask yourself.

CMS: Preparing for Uni -------->Provides lists of important things to bring along with you.


  1. i am sure there is nothing to worry about, particularly with all the books you're gonna read about it.

    all the best!

  2. HAha...I did exactly the same thing!! I went to search everywhere in google just for the sake of preparing myself for uni...

    Anyways, the first day at a new place can be quite scary. Be prepared for culture shock, dirty hostel rooms and weird people also.

  3. zewt: Nah, I don't think reading all the books in the world about university life will help me get through it. I've got to go through the REAL thing! Haha! Thanks!

    ~tiramisu~: Uh-huh, the first day of anything is always scary! Dirty hostel rooms? How come? Didn't the students who once stayed there cleaned them up?

  4. I'm not sure about the hostel rooms in USM but at my university, it was a scary sight when I first step into my room!

    Anyways, don't scare yourself with my stories...You will eventually get used to everything there.

    All the best! :)


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