Tuesday, June 5, 2007

2nd time at Chowrasta Bookshops: To Sell My Old Books!

Yup. That's what I did. I browsed through my bookshelf and plucked out those books that I don't read anymore, for example, the Dawson's Creeks, Sweet Valley Highs, Goosebumps, Fear Streets, and more. I only read those when I was in lower secondary school and I certainly don't read those now. Now, I'm discovering more fantastic fiction books! Even my dad gave me a few books to sell off.

When I got there, one of the shop owners saw me with my bags and asked me if I wanted to sell the books. I said 'Yes' and he immediately took the bags from me and went through the books, one by one. Finally, he set aside 18 books and offered me RM10 for all of them. I asked him how he set the price and he said that each book costs RM0.50. Well, the price seemed fine so, I accepted.

I was left with a magazine and 3 books. The 3 books were in quite a bad and sad condition but still readable and not a page missing. Only the front cover was torn a little but still, the shop owner did not think they were worth buying.

I then went to another shop, the shop with the brightest lights. This shop owner looked at the books, flipped them, and offered only RM2.00! I asked why so low and he said that they were in bad condition. Well, I was hungry then so, I just said okay.

Now, I've got some kind of theory ever since Reader's Shack announced that they are giving the chance for people to trade in old or unwanted books. If the books were published 7 years ago or less, then credits will be given. If the books were published more than 7 years ago, then the books would be considered a donation to Reader's Shack. So, that's why all my old books that were published more than 7 years ago, I packed them up and headed off to Chowrasta.

And you can also try selling your old books on eBay though it might be a little bit slower. If you have the patience to list your books over and over again if they don't sell, then good luck in eBay. There's also eJunction anyway if eBay does not work for you.

Happy selling!

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