Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lovely surprise in the mail!

I love getting books in the mail. But since I participated in several Secret Santa exchanges this year, it has become an even more exciting occasion.

What better way to greet me at home after work yesterday than a lovely red package from Australia??? Check out the picture above. My Secret Santa from The Broke and Bookish Secret Santa Exchange sent me Nation by Terry Pratchett, a Classic Penguin/Penguin Classic tote bag, a lovely 2013 calendar, a special bookmark and a cute Christmas card - all tied up neatly in a funky red and white string!

I love the presents! I can't wait to start reading the book, to fill in activities for 2013 and to use the tote bag.

Thanks so much, Kayleigh of Nylon Admiral! =)


  1. oh! that's so cute, I wish I could receive something like that xD hahaha, enjoy your presents^^

  2. Wow it has been a while since I visited here last. Seem like this blog has been abandoned? :(

  3. How fun!!! That sounds like a great package to come home too!!!!

  4. Hi Faisal, thanks for coming by! I've been busy with life stuff and more (!!) but I'm still reading. :) I will try to post new content as often as I can now.

  5. Oh, how nice. I'm envious. I LOVE book swag :)


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