Sunday, May 31, 2009

What Do You Wear To Work?

For work, I've been advised to wear formal clothes like good-looking shirts with collars and sleeves, black slacks or pants and shoes that aren't sandals, sports shoes or slippers. Jeans and t-shirts are absolute no-nos. But some people at my workplace wore jeans and khaki pants!

Anyway, I guess it's the work that one does and not the kind of clothes one wears to work. What's the use of dressing up like Michelle Obama and end up delivering less than 100% at work? That bothers me a lot actually. I feel kind of guilty when I'm not doing anything or if I finished my work early. But not to worry nowadays because my boss realized that I like to do work so he gives me some to do. My overall performance will be graded at the end of my training so I feel that it's important that I do something every other minute of my working hours not including lunch time.

As for accessories, what do you wear? Yeah, there's the watch, bags, water tumbler, etc. Anyone wears jewelry to work??? A co-worker was really casual once when she wore slippers but maybe the boss didn't notice or just didn't bother.

Well no matter what, looking presentable is still important besides giving your best at work. :)


  1. It's not what you wear. It's how you wear them.

    1st of all, depends on your job scope and your work. Is it need to be formal all the time or semi formal? If you have to meet high end clients, for sure you need to dress up all the time.

    But if not, just wear whatever suits you. I mean you still have to consider the rules and regulations at the office about the attire.

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  3. haha.. i still don't have esperience working..

  4. heh. I wear jeans. & t-shirts. It's so casual here it's not even funny...

  5. This is an interesting question as we own our own business...Excavating ... so dirt, dirt, and more dirt. While I dont play a large part in the whole scheme of things, I do some office work and payroll and interviews...

    For me I can wear nice jeans or capris, I usually dress it up with some great bracelets or necklaces but that is more for me. :)

  6. Cahaya: I agree with you that it's important on how we wear our clothes to work! People do respect those who make effort and time to choose what and how to wear clothes.

    Greenleaf: Hey there, thanks for coming by! I've not heard of articlepinger before. Thanks for the recommendation.

    nagiubex: No worries, it ain't as fun as you think it would be. Enjoy your carefree non-working days!

    drey: Whoa, that's so nice! Yup, there are some who wear jeans and t-shirts but only when they work on weekends.

    Sheila: Haha, that's an interesting business! Also,accessories can spice up one's look, so go on wearing 'em. :)

  7. i believe in brand. it gives me confidence and also last long.

    as a government servant, i need to wear formal.

    to me, i usually wear something based on my mood :)

  8. Brian: Brands do have that same effect for me too. It gives me a sense of importance and individuality somehow.

    No wonder people go for branded stuff.


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