Sunday, May 17, 2009

Gossipping-ly Addictive

I don't like the books but I love the show! Actually, I've only read one of them and was put off right away. When the show was aired on TV, I felt skeptical about it and thought it might be plain boring. I was wrong and really glad about it. Also, yes, I'm proud to say that I've watched all the episodes in Season One! Can't wait to get started with Season Two.

Even though the show is based on the books, there are some major changes. One of them being Chuck Bass as one of the main characters. He's only a minor character in the books and is supposedly gay. In the show, he's a dandy and promiscuous guy. And surprise, surprise! He's in love with Blair Waldorf who was very attached to Nathan Archibald, who was smitten with the bubbly Serena van der Woodsen. All very complicated right?

Check out the picture above. So they paired Blair with Nate and Serena with Dan as they dated with each other. Hmm, but why is Chuck looking at Jenny, Dan's younger, desperately-wanna-fit-in-with-rich-people sister? I think he should be placed together with Nate and Blair - in a position where Nate and Chuck are looking at Blair or Nate and Chuck looking fiercely at each other!

Cast of Gossip Girl

The girl between Nate and Blair...can she be Dan's best friend, Vanessa?? If she is, then she looks really different from how she looks like in the show.

Why is the show so addictive? It's only every plain Jane's dream of living in a rich, high-class kind of lifestyle where they don't have to worry much about money or having to sell off personal possessions in order to afford clothes from Saks or Bendel's. Poor Jenny Humphrey. She had to sell off her sewing machine so she could keep up with her new, rich 'friends'.

It reminds me of Fergie's song, Glamorous:

Are you ready?
If you ain't got no money take your broke self home
If you ain't got no money take your broke self home

Well, there's no harm watching the show even if I can't live like them. Awesome clothes and beautiful cast. We can relate to Dan and Jenny Humphrey, having to go to school with kids born with silver spoons in their mouths and endless cash in their pockets. Or wait, are you one of them with silver spoons???

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