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5 People You Should Know in College

The way we choose our friends reflects on who we are. Okay, I just came up with that statement but somehow I kind of remember reading a similar one sometime somewhere.

Anyway, read the following article which is extremely interesting and informative. Perhaps you have questions on what kind of friends to choose? Who should you hang out with? Who would you like to stay 500 metres away from? Heheh!

5 People You Should Know in College
Written by Michael Francis

The Geek

While there are many definitions of a geek, the one you want is the tech geek. He spends most of his time at a computer or tinkering with gadgets. He knows all of the new things that are coming out, and it get’s him excited. Not only is he excited about the technology, he is also excited about telling everyone about it. He’s probably a pirate, so don’t take any music or software from him if you are concerned about piracy.

Why you need him?
You need this guy to fix your computer, tell you how to work your new iPhone, and help you do projects where you need to do some techie stuff like make a video. If you invite him over on occasion he will probably automatically go to your computer and do all those nice updates that you have been letting go for some time.

Be Careful
Make sure you get the right gal or girl. Some “geeks” aren’t really geeks. They pretend to be, and they will end up destroying your computer instead of fixing it. The perfect geek will know how to fix your stuff, but they also will not go overboard and do things to your computer that you do not want them to.

The Writer

This is the person who has written or is in the process of writing a book. Not only are they a clever writer, they are quick and they have all the fundamentals down to a science. Finding this person may not be easy. Most writers don’t usually flaunt their writing about, especially when they are working on it. Speech class is a good place to spot these guys out.

Why you need a writer?
Before you even think about turning in a paper, you take it to this person. Since they are a fast writer, they will be able to quickly skim your paper and look for grammar mistakes and points that need improvement. Doing this can easily turn your ‘B’ papers into ‘A’ papers. And if your friend is good, he teach you how to write, so you don’t have to keep coming back to him.

Be Careful
You still have to write your papers, you can’t get someone to do them for you. Perhaps you are not great with words, but make sure your ideas are solid. When you go to your friend for help be able to express what you would like to say. Also, don’t let the writer completely redo your paper, make sure when you leave your friend that the paper still has the same exact points you wanted, just maybe written differently.

The Activist

Have you ever seen someone with a tremendous amount of passion for a social issue. Someone passionate about child mortality, education, or the current events in Iran. This person is extremely emotional and is not afraid to say their opinion.

Why an Activist?
Because you have a voice, you just have to use it. An activist friend will know about all the political rallies and protests. They will inform you of issues that you never knew about, and they tell you what you can do about it.

Be Careful
Don’t believe everything they say. Sometimes an activist will become obsessed and they will search for anything and everything to complain about. Also, there are many sides to an issue, and you need to do your own research to determine which side of the issue you are going to take.

The News Junkie

You may not find just one news junkie, but will probably find multiple people who know the latest in different topics. For example, you may find a politics junkie, a sports junkie, and a science junkie.

Why do you need to know the news?
The key with news is to delegate, so you are not spending hours every day just keeping up with the latest news. Knowing what is going on in the world is extremely important. Events can affect you in many ways; from work to your social life.

Be Careful
Learn your junkies bias. The guy you are getting your political news from, make sure you know if he is a conservative or liberal. Make sure you ask where they got the information from; therefore, if you need more information you can directly to the source.

Don’t become a junkie yourself. If you have ever watched any 24-hour news station before, you probably know that a lot of news is propaganda and speculation. Just pay attention to the facts, and formulate your own opinions.

The Partier

Um… the guy that gets wasted 3 times every weekend. Ok, or maybe he doesn’t even drink. But still he seems to be at every party you have ever gone to.

Why a Partier?
Once you get done getting an ‘A’ on your paper, keeping up with the news, and writing your senator a letter; you may need to relax and have some fun. Finding out what to do for the weekend shouldn’t be a difficult task. A quick call to a friend should do it. If you are not big on parties, make sure you have a handful of friends you can hang out with on a regular basis.

Be Careful
Moderation. Make sure you balance your social life with the rest of your life.

Exceptionally Unique Individuals

You are going to meet a lot of people in college, and on occasion you will meet a person that just WOWs you. These people are extremely gifted and have unique thoughts. These are the people you learn from, they stretch your potential, and will carry you along in their success. Latch on to these people and see where they will take you.


  1. the geek from ugly betty (referring to the picture) is hot stuff!

    - irrelevant comment -

  2. I'll probably end up somewhere between an activist and a writer...and I think the world has too many of those..*BIG SIGH*...

  3. Crystalicious: Yes, that and he's hilarious too! Too bad I don't see him anymore in the new season.

    nikki: :) I think we are a combination of some of the traits. Well, I don't mind environmental activists! The earth seriously needs some saving now.


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