Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ready to Hunt?

If you loved Twilight or just got sick of it, you can always turn to alternatives, right? Anyway, if you're familiar with the vampire world, you might have heard of P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast, a mom and daughter author-team. Their popular vampire series called House of Night has been all the rage.

In fact, the first book in the series, Marked, has been listed among the 2008 Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers.

Now, the 5th book in the series is out and it's called Hunted. To get a glimpse of the new book, you can either watch, read or listen to some bits from it. Choose any of the options below or if you can't get enough, go ahead and devour them all!

Watch the book trailer

Read the FIRST chapter of Hunted

Listen to the SECOND chapter of Hunted


  1. Whoa! The trailer really tremendous! Guess the book should be the same?

  2. I finally got around to putting the first book in this series on my holds list for the library after reading this post!

  3. Everytime I have a book set in the vamp world it vanishes. lol.

  4. Faisal: I think so! I might read the first book one day.

    Kailana: Haha! That's great. Hope you get the book soon.

    The Book Resort: Wow, that's mysterious. Hope you find it again. :)


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