Sunday, March 22, 2009

Me, a Florist?

I didn't know why I wanted to become a florist when I was 10 years old.

In class, my teacher asked every one of us what our ambitions were. When it was my turn, I answered that I wished to be a florist when I grew up. The teacher asked what kind of plants I'll plant and I said, "Roses". She then blurted, "Romantiknya..." (How romantic) and the class began laughing.

I blushed and thought that I should have named some other flower like orchids or tulips, anything but roses!

Perhaps I was partly influenced by all those Enid Blyton books I read that time. I learnt of bluebells, snowdrops, hedgehogs, robins, etc. Erm, were there bird baths? As for the roses, we had a rose plant at home. Pink roses would bloom every now and then.

I didn't bother to find out what bluebells or snowdrops were, so I've been left wondering for years and kept guessing on how they looked like. I thought snowdrops were literally snow drops, something to do with snow!

Well, maybe that's what inspired my dreams of becoming a florist. I would plant all sorts of flowers, roses included, and then sell them in my flower shop! For a 10-year-old kid, it seemed like a grand idea.

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