Saturday, March 28, 2009

I Want An iPod!

I’ve been listening to music ever since….I can’t remember when! When I was younger, my parents would listen to Radio 4 (or now known as Traxx FM) with the voices of Patrick Teoh and Yasmin Yusoff blaring out from the radio.

They then switched to Light and Easy (now LiteFM). I was already in my teenage years then and would protest every now and then to change the radio channel to Hitz.FM. Light and Easy played all the old songs from ancient times, that’s what I thought. On the other hand, Hitz.FM was the cooler channel with the latest hit songs. Well, I didn’t know how to appreciate music from the 60s, 70s and 80s then.

So whenever the opportunity arose, I would secretly switch the radio channel to Hitz.FM. I’d then wait until my parents realize that they’re listening to a totally different channel and make me switch back. Haha!

Right now, I have my favourite songs on my computer and I can listen to them whenever I want, as long as I’m at home! It’s kind of difficult as I can’t carry my computer around with me wherever I go. Getting an iPod would be really convenient, don’t you think? Therefore, wherever I go, I can bring my music along with me!


  1. Here's wishing you get an iPod & to me getting a Kindle by the book fairy.

  2. I often thought I was like the only person in the world that didn't have an iPod!

  3. hmm. do a good consideration whether ipod is a need. if not, better just buy something similar... that can play mp3. ipod is expensive and it sells its brand...

    i used to like light fm but now change to red fm. they play old songs and i like it :)

  4. ilove traxx fm! cant rmb the dj's names but i love their music heh :)

  5. The Book Resort: Thanks and good luck in getting a Kindle. I saw it and it's a fantastic item!

    Kailana: No worries, I'm in the same "No-ipod club" too! ;)

    Faisal: Oh yeah, it's really expensive and no wonder there're ppl trying to sell fake iPods. I'm currently listening to RedFM too. Even won a CD from them! But they don't pay for the postage, I had to pay for it myself!

    Crystalicious: I saw the traxxfm's advert on TV many times! Is it the one with the DJs' heads and they are riding on a bus or something? That advert was weird but memorable!

  6. Go get an iPod nano!!!
    If you have more to spare, get an
    iPod Touch!

    Expensive?Mmm...if there's anyone going to HK,tell them to get you one from there. It is cheaper there. My bf got me the Nano at 50% cheaper then its price in Msia. The iPod touch I've got is at a very cheap price coz I got it from a I got pretty lucky there...teehee

  7. Ruz: Oh yeah, the iPod Nano is beautiful - with so many colours to choose from! The Nano is around RM599 it's like RM299 in HK?? Wow, it is cheaper.


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