Saturday, October 19, 2013

It's Raining and I'm Watching Gossip Girl

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I try to think hard about the last time I watched the Gossip Girl series but I could not. I stopped watching it at Season Four a couple of years ago, or probably last year. But a few months ago, I found Season Five and now I have started watching the show again. Gossip Girl wraps up after six seasons so this means I have one and a half more seasons to go! I do not even mind that I already know who Gossip Girl is. :)

Yup, it is now raining in Penang and I'm following the "scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite" but I am taking a short break to come up with 10 random musings on Gossip Girl:

  1. I have only read one Gossip Girl book and I did not like it unfortunately. Clicking the link brings you to the book review I wrote of the only Gossip Girl book I read back in 2007. I think that if I were to read it again, my views would be much different.
  2. One of the main reasons why I like the show is the amazing clothes! Blair's style is classy, poised and even regal at times. Serena has always sported the party gal with the messy but stylish hairstyle kind of look.
  3. The clever script in the show, especially the titular "Gossip Girl"'s. Ingenious use of words.
  4. I know the viewer can go crazy with the complicated lives of the characters who seem to be romantically involved with one another at any point in time.
  5. I have become a fan of Leighton Meester (who plays Blair) because of the show. And Ed Westwick (Chuck)!
  6. It gets frustrating when Chuck and Blair do not get back together. Yet! (in the current episode I'm watching in Season Five)
  7. I was disappointed when I read about the differences between the books and the TV show. The most shocking is that Chuck is gay in the books. Check this page out for more on the differences and similarities between the books and the TV show.
  8. Isn't it simply odd that almost all the characters in the show are young and good-looking, even the ones who are supposed to be old?
  9. Sometimes the scheming gets a little bit too much.
  10. Elizabeth Hurley is one of the most gorgeous actresses around but it seems so weird to have her on the show.
Okay, this is just too good not to share. The graphic below helps you to understand how the characters are involved with one another - on-screen and off-screen.

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My last post about Gossip Girl was in 2009.

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