Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day 7 – Most underrated book

This is the 7th post for the 30-Day Book Meme.

Day 7 – Most underrated book

How do I know if a book is underrated? Are they the ones that don't get the attention that I think it deserves? I think it will be easier for me to answer the most overrated book(s), but that will be in Day 8. :)

For this question, I'll just pick The True Story of Lilli Stubeck by James Aldridge. I wonder how many people have read it before. Click on the link to check out my book review on my other blog.

I read this book twice. The last time I read it was way back in 2006, I think. I remember reading about the main character, Lilli Stubeck, who has been under the guidance of Miss Dalgleish, who grooms Lilli to become a well-groomed and educated young woman. I'd read about Lilli reading and reading and it sort of motivated me to get some reading done as well! It was also good motivation for me to study. That's one reason why I like the book.

My review of this book that was written in 2006 is not comprehensive enough to describe why I liked the book. Perhaps I'll write another review when I read the book again. :)

How about you? What is your choice for most underrated book?


  1. ~ Just thought I would let you know that you have a new follower :)

    I have never even heard of the book you are writing about nor am I sure how I would categorize a book as under-rated. I think if I like the book someone else might if I don't like the book chances are others don't either. It depends on the person and how they take in the content of the book as a reader. It's a book and anything can happen from start to finish.

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  5. It's interesting to read that you liked this book a lot because students who were taking the Australian New South Wales Higher School Certificate didn't like it that much.

    They preferred "Looking for Alibrandi" :)


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