Sunday, May 15, 2011

Where to rent books online in Malaysia?

You know, life is full of choices. If it's not A, then it's B. If it's not blue, then it's red. If you're not gonna buy, then rent. Haha.

Oh yes, if you ran out of books to read (how could you anyway???) and you don't want to spend money to buy new novels, you can opt to rent books. Best of all, you can start renting books online. That way, you can choose which books you want to read from the comfort of your comfy couch/chair/sofa and your trusty computer.

OK. So far I've found three sites which offer online book rentals in Malaysia.

It claims to be Malaysia's first online book rental website. But yeah, they've been around for many years, even before I started blogging in 2006. I even opened an account with them in 2005 but never rented any books. I only bought a book from them two years after that. Anyway, they have romance titles, thrillers, mysteries, self-helps and other non-fiction books. You can even earn money by offering to rent out your books through their Netsellers programme.

This is a recent discovery, as recent as 15 minutes ago. It's a neat blog with clear instructions all laid out for visitors. They have a variety of reading materials ranging from biographies, college textbooks, comics, young adult novels to magazines. And wow, they even rent out DVDs, VCDs and music CDs. Incredible!

I found this website like 10 minutes ago. :) Lots of classic titles. It also offers chick lit, romance, teen, mystery and thriller, horror, politics and social economy and religious books.

***ETA: Oct 6, 2013

Thanks to Pauline Jee for e-mailing me about her book rental online store which established just this year. Renting books is done online and they offer a wide range of books such as fiction, non-fiction, young adult fiction, graphic novels and children's books. Free shipping is available for a rental price of RM20 and above.

So there you go. Four online choices for you to pick if you want to try renting books. Do let me know if you know anymore of such book renting services. Enjoy!


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