Saturday, May 14, 2011

Free e-book: Four Corners of the Sky

Get a free e-book of The Four Corners of the Sky by Michael Malone on the web (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Sony, Kobo or
Books-A-Million) for this weekend only.

Book summary:

In small towns between the North Carolina Piedmont and the coast the best scenery is often in the sky. On flat sweeps of red clay and scrub pine the days move monotonously, safely, but above, in the blink of an eye, dangerous clouds can boil out of all four corners of the sky...The flat slow land starts to shiver and anything can happen.

In such a storm, on Annie Peregrine's seventh birthday, her father gave her the airplane and minutes later drove out of her life. Thus begins an enchanting novel that bursts with energy from the first pages, and sweeps you off on a journey of unforgettable characters, hilarious encounters, and haunting secrets.

The Four Corners of the Sky is master storyteller Michael Malone's novel of love, secrets, and the mysterious bonds of families. Malone brings characters to life as only he can, exploring the questions that defy easy answers: Is love a choice or a calling? Why do the ties of family bind so tightly? And is forgiveness a gift to others...or a gift we give ourselves?


  1. Thanks for tellong me this. Its sound yummy.

  2. Aleetha: Thanks for reading, hope you downloaded the book. :)

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