Monday, February 7, 2011

I have a Borders Rewards Card!

Borders has its own Rewards Card! Here's how it can benefit you if you sign up to be a Rewards member at a fee of RM20.

Enjoy 10% discounts when you buy:
1. Borders full-priced books
2. Basheer full-priced books
3. KL Commercial full-priced books
4. Unipress full-priced books
5. Starbucks F&B at selected outlets
6. Metrojaya products (on normal priced Metrojaya Fashion private labels when you spend RM100 and above in a single receipt at any Metrojaya departmental store)

Get 5% discounts when you buy:
1. Magazines
2. Hallmark greeting cards
3. Campap stationery products

There are other benefits too but the discounts should be the most enticing. Well, the 10% discount is not as attractive if compared to Popular bookshop's 20% discount on books for members but it's a good start for those who love Borders like I do. :)

I was at Borders Queensbay Mall last week and I couldn't help noticing the signs promoting the Rewards Card. How could I not ask about it, right?

So, when you sign up, you get a normal-sized card along with two sidecards with holes on the top left corner. You can hook the sidecards to keychains and stuff. But I don't really see the need of it if I already carry the big card in my wallet where I keep my money which I will use to buy books and whatnot. 

All the cards have barcodes though. The cashier will scan it and credit points for you. I will need to find out how to keep track of my points and how to use them.

Ah, I'm not promoting for Borders but I just think that the discounts are better than none at all. :)


  1. Huh the new ones are white. I've had mine since 2007 when it first started up and haven't gotten a new card since so mine is red. It's a cool program :)

  2. Khadija: Hi! Hmm, I think they just introduced the card in Malaysia and also set a different colour for it. But I think I'd like one in red too!

  3. i just got mine yesterday. :) the sidecards are meant to share with your family members like supplementary cards, i think. i'll be giving mine away to friends who shop at borders. i love the fact we get 10% discount at starbucks outlets in borders. :D

  4. nylusmilk: And you'll enjoy the rewards at Borders too! :) I I can share those smaller cards with others. I thought of that too but wasn't sure. And yeah, Starbucks! It's going to be just 10% less expensive now.

  5. Hi! Just found your blog!

    I love my Borders Rewards card and I use it ALL THE TIME! The books are all so much cheaper when you pay with Borders Rewards coupons.


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