Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sell your books online

As a book lover, I have the incurable habit of buying more books than I need. I love to read books and I love to buy them even more! In fact, like most of you guys, I have more books than I can read. This is why I need to be more disciplined and spend more time reading.

Buying lots of books also affects the question of space. I don’t live in a Harry Potter world where I can use magic to create extra space for the extra stuff. So what do I do? What do you do? Well, you could trade the books with friends, donate them to the library or sell them off.

From my experience, selling books online works quite well despite having to wait for somebody who wants to buy them. But I just came across this site called Sell Back Your Book and guess what? They buy used books! Forget about waiting for ages to sell off that extra heavy textbook because that website will buy it. They also buy hardbacks and paperbacks as long as the books are in good condition.

When they receive your books and have confirmed the contents, you’ll be paid via check or Paypal. They pay for the shipping of the books too!

With sites like this, I guess you won’t need to worry about selling off your books anymore.


  1. I've been selling my used books to friends ever since before I started blogging...
    but there's always 5 or 6 books left...
    thanks for the info...

  2. Thanks for sharing. I've been wondering what to do with my books recently as I'm definitely running out of space.

  3. They aren't buying any of my books at this time. :( Oh well! I will just donate them to the used book sale like always! Haha.

  4. That's for sharing the link, that's something I need in the present and near future!^-^

    Keep well and take care!

  5. Thanks for this! I'll have to look into it more!

  6. Hi....I have a site where I write about making money online. I got inspires that selling books can make money online too. thank you.

  7. Sorry about it...but if any of your readers are interested, they can visit me at

    Thanks again


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