Thursday, May 20, 2010

Peachy Posts #3

Peachy Posts is a feature on this blog where noteworthy posts from other blogs/sites are highlighted.

1. Like to buy and collect books? Oooh, that's me! :) Wait, you too? Then do check out this post!

2. How do you read? Do you read while doing something else at the same time, like listen to music for example? Then you and Brizmus might have something in common!

3. Francine Pascal didn't just create Sweet Valley and wrote the Fearless books. She had other books too, from what I've just discovered. Lauren goes back in time and writes about Francine Pascal's other teenage novels.

4. maybe genius tells you how to watch out for pitfalls when writing for young adults

5. What kind of book reviews do you read? Reading with Tequila gives her insight on this topic.

6. Marvel at the beautiful pictures taken by Alice during her volunteering stint at a children's home.


  1. Thanks for mentioning my music post!! :-) Some other great links you've got there as well.

  2. brizmus: You're welcome. I enjoyed reading your post too! :)

  3. That was a good post from maybe genius. Thanks for pointing me to it!


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