Monday, May 10, 2010

Peachy Posts #2

Peachy Posts is a feature on this blog where noteworthy posts from other blogs/sites are highlighted.

On Reading

Nymeth's post on the meaning of making time to read.

Reading with Tequila discusses about themes on sex in YA books.

On Writing

How Meg Cabot was rejected for almost every day for a year when she tried to submit her Princess Diaries books.

Laugh out loud with these writer jokes!

Shopping for books

Do you get your books from a brick and mortar bookstore or from online stores? jharmon of Bookstove recalls and relishes the joy of visiting the bookstore.

Fun lists you should check out!

Emily's Reading Room lists out the good guys from YA literature.

Park Benches and Bookends lists out their Top Ten Favourite Love Stories of all time.


  1. Hey! Thanks for mentioning my blog. I love the other posts you've mentioned!

  2. Hey I love this feature! It is very cool! Good idea. I'll be tuning in!


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