Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mad for Maths

I loved it when the holidays came during my school-going time years ago. Of course, after weeks and weeks of studying, I do deserve a long break. I used to reread my Enid Blyton books about children going away to visit cousins, aunts, uncles, nannies and then having seemingly unlimited adventures. How I used to envy the characters!

But nothing lasts forever. The holidays were bound to come to an end and it’s time to psyche myself up to look forward to school. My long break usually lasted for two months and since I rarely go near my school books during the holidays, it’s not surprising that I might have forgotten what I’ve studied before. Well I never attended tuition so I had to refresh my memory at home by myself. If I didn’t understand anything, I would just ask my parents or my sister. I’m lucky to have such smart people in my life!

And when it came to questions, it was usually Mathematics questions. I loved Maths (kind of miss solving them problems now!) and would love the challenge of solving a problem. How I’d feel when I could solve a difficult problem. I’d let out a big sigh, grin widely and throw my hands up in the air in jubilation. Mathematics isn’t just about logic and solution to me. It does have its emotional aspects too, for me.

Anyway, thanks to the Internet, I’d shoot my questions to Maths experts online who’d guide me on solving the problems. They wouldn’t give the answer straightaway but only gave the first few steps and then provided an explanation. I could still ask more if I didn’t understand. The other fun part of doing Maths is feeling happy and excited whenever anyone responded to my questions online.


  1. Hmmmnn... Surprisingly nice music video...

  2. oooo.. i feel that way about maths aso. sometimes i just feel like sitting down and doing maths. lol =)

  3. dodong: Hi, are you referring to Daughtry's music video? You've commented under a different post! :)

    Mussita: Hey, that's what I feel like doing too! I don't mind ya know. It could help get my rusty brains working again. Haha!


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