Sunday, May 4, 2008

Found A New Challenge: The Complete Booker

It’s exactly 5.13 pm now (Malaysian time) and here I am writing this post. It’s a Sunday today. My mom woke me up at 7 a.m. this morning to get ready to go to church. Came back, had breakfast, read Chapter 2 of Alanna: The First Adventure by Tamora Pierce, read The Star newspaper (Starmag), then went to sleep until around 2 p.m. Hehe…not a really productive Sunday morning.

By the way, I found The Complete Booker challenge only just. So far, this should be the easiest reading challenge ever as there is no time limit! Ugh, time limits are the worst things for me to keep up with.

Well, for this Complete Booker, participants need to read all 40 books that made it to the Man Booker Prize for Fiction. No time limit, remember that. Unfortunately, I’ve not read any of the books on the list.

Want to have a peek at the list of books? Here they are:

2007 - The Gathering (Enright)
2006 - The Inheritance of Loss (Desai)
2005 - The Sea (Banville)
2004 - The Line of Beauty (Hollinghurst)
2003 - Vernon God Little (Pierre)
2002 - Life of Pi (Martel)
2001 - True History of the Kelly Gang (Carey)
2000 - The Blind Assassin (Atwood)
1999 - Disgrace (Coetzee)
1998 - Amsterdam: A Novel (McEwan)
1997 - The God of Small Things (Roy)
1996 - Last Orders (Swift)
1995 - The Ghost Road (Barker)
1994 - How Late It Was, How Late (Kelman)
1993 - Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha (Doyle)
1992 - The English Patient (Ondaatje)
1992 - Sacred Hunger (Unsworth)
1991 - The Famished Road (Okri)
1990 - Possession: A Romance (Byatt)
1989 - The Remains of the Day (Ishiguro)
1988 - Oscar and Lucinda (Carey)
1987 - Moon Tiger (Lively)
1986 - The Old Devils (Amis)
1985 - The Bone People (Hulme)
1984 - Hotel Du Lac (Brookner)
1983 - Life & Times of Michael K (Coetzee)
1982 - Schindler's Ark (Keneally)
1981 - Midnight's Children (Rushdie)
1980 - Rites of Passage (Golding)
1979 - Offshore (Fitzgerald)
1978 - The Sea, the Sea (Murdoch)
1977 - Staying on (Scott)
1976 - Saville (Storey)
1975 - Heat and Dust (Jhabvala)
1974 - The Conservationist (Gordimer)
1974 - Holiday (Middleton)
1973 - The Siege of Krishnapur (Farrell)
1972 - G. (Berger)
1971 - In a Free State (Naipaul)
1970 - The Elected Member (Rubens)
1969 - Something to Answer For (Newby)


  1. hi, sounds like a fun challenge, good luck with it. I haven't read any of these either.

  2. awh that's quite a daunting list...only ever read 5 of them.

  3. naida: Hi, yup, it sure is fun! thanks. Well, take your time reading them. One day, you'll see that you've read them all already! =)

    michelle: Oh yeah, it's really least you've already read 5 of them! I haven't read any! Hehe!


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