Thursday, March 1, 2012

Purchases and freebies of 2012 - books and more!!!

Correction: It is purchases and freebies as of March 1, 2012. It has been a good shopping year (or two months) so far but I'm slowing down. :)

So where do I start?

Let me begin with the freebies I got!

1. Book for review: Ima Pea: Including It's Your Turn Study Guide by Cathy Easter Breland
I received this in the mail today. Thanks to Brittany Harness, literary publicist of Author Solutions for sending this review copy to me!

2. Keychain (gift from friend)

I love It's even better when I have gift certificates to use, so these Amazon purchases were free for me! Here's what I 'bought':

3. My Bibliofile: A Reading Journal for Book Lovers (Potter Style)

4. Q and A a Day: 5-Year Journal (Potter Style)

5. Galison Book Friends Book of Labels - Book Plates
The book plates are the two small squares at the bottom of the picture (above).

Book Depository had this crazy sale the other day, was it on Feb 3?? They had different books on sale at the beginning of every hour for 24 hours. Of course I didn't stay up the whole night to see what books were on sale but I managed to buy these (the links below will lead you to

6. The Sealed Letter by Emma Donoghue (paid USD7.46 for the hardback copy)

7. Drawing Pack (Usborne Art Ideas) by Fiona Watt (paid USD6.30)

Etsy has also become my new shopping haunt but things are a little bit pricier there so I tread carefully whenever I'm browsing the items that they have on sale.

8. Charles Dickens Butterfly Antique Bronze Necklace
The seller wrapped the necklace in a page off from Emma by Jane Austen!

9. Bought three sets of cord holders from Groupon (a local website which offers hard-to-walk-away-from kind of deals! Other countries such as the US might have it too):

OK, that is all for now. Whew! Hope you enjoyed this post!

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