Friday, January 14, 2011

The Macbook Air craze

It's not mine! Picture taken from here.

Do you own a Mac computer or laptop? I don't. I've been using an HP Compaq laptop since 2007 (I think) and it's served me well even until now despite a few mishaps over the years.

Anyway, the new Macbook Air has caught my attention (whose isn't?) simply because, well, it looks really sleek and cool. I admit that I found myself getting caught up with all the 'thinnest laptop in the world' kind of hype and have been salivating to own one myself.

But it's so pricey and I wonder if I should get a Macbook or another brand of laptop. I did a search on Google for reviews and there were so many that I got even more confused. I understand that I should get the laptop that meets my needs.

Oh well, I hope it'll just be a phase for me. I'll just wait. In the meantime, any thoughts on Mac products? :)


  1. i do wish to own one too...coz saw the features in it, very convenient to the bf own one =p

    owh well...too bad the price too expensive..and softwares is pricey!!! i am now content with compaq, owned the 2nd one 2 weeks ago as a gift. have to make do with what I have lah...hehehehe~

  2. I too have been using PCs for over 10 years now,until a friend of mine suggested I buy an iMac.I have my iMac for a year now and I can safely say that I am never EVER buying a PC again!
    MACs are far superior to PCs in every aspect.Now whether the MAC book air is good, having Apple technology, I'm thinking it's very good.But if you haven't got the funds,because it is indeed very pricey,I would suggest buying a simple MAC Book or an iMac, if you want a desktop computer.Sure thing is, you can't go wrong with MAC :)

  3. I have a Macbook at home... but it belongs to my brother... lol... But then again, I am not really accustomed to the OS... since I have been using Windows OS for years... and Mac isn't friendly with my course of study... still need Windows OS to do my programming work.

  4. I have a Mac and I love it. It's getting a little old now, and I really want to get the Macbook Air when I need a new computer (well, if I ever have that kind of money!). The Mac took some getting used to, but I don't think I'd ever go back. When I go to a cafe and want wifi, the Mac just makes it happen. Meanwhile, my brother's on his Dell laptop clicking through menus and opening tabs, trying to figure out how to get online. I haven't had any major problems with my Mac and I've had it for four years.

  5. Hi! I've recently crossed over to the Mac from PC. I love it, but not too sure that it's any more functional than any other laptop, it just depends on what your needs are. If you're going to start editing videos or music or graphic design it's a great investment. I use my macbook mainly for writing, so all the bells and whistles aren't that useful to me. But it sure is PRETTY!

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