Sunday, July 11, 2010

I couldn't help laughing during the Eclipse movie

Directed by David Slade
Starring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Bryce Dallas Howard, Billy Burke, Dakota Fanning

What can I say about this much talked about movie of the year? I'll keep my Eclipse movie post short. Just so you know, I watched the movie twice on the same day! Not that it was that great, and don't ask me why. :)

My favourite parts of the movie:

1. All Jacob scenes. Taylor Lautner is an incredibly talented actor. You could feel his deep, undying love for Bella. The way he looks at her, gazes at her, talks to her, defends her, worries about her, etc. Man, Jacob is definitely hopelessly in love with Bella. He cannot be saved. That's the effect of Lautner's brilliant performance.

2. All Charlie scenes. I don't know but you just feel sorry for the guy. He's utterly clueless about Bella's decision for her future and all he wants is for his daughter to be safe. I liked the part where Bella announced her virginity and he mumbles to himself afterward about liking Edward a little bit more!

3. The vampire-werewolf fight rehearsal scene. Love it, love it. The coolest one was the one between Alice and Jasper. She's the only one who can take on him because, well, she can anticipate his moves? I enjoyed watching her gracefulness and agility.

4. The Jacob-Bella kiss scene! I'm pretty sure this one made it onto everyone else's list. Jacob's patience is rewarded, albeit for a short moment, after all. Yay for Jacob!

5. The flashbacks. It's great to see Rosalie's and Jasper's past lives. Who knew the beautiful Rosalie would have fallen for a jerk? Wished the scene with Rosalie in wedding dress barging into the room was longer.

6. Jessica's speech. What a simple but thought-provoking graduation speech!

7. The background music/score. They're catchy. Need to find out the song title and who sings them.

Hilarious scenes for me:

1. When Edward proposes to Bella. I thought, 'My god, what an awfully huge ring.' But later saw that it looked nice on Bella's finger. This scene must also be most of you guys' favourite, so please, this is just my opinion. No throwing raw eggs or tomatoes at me.

And this is the best hilarious scene, IMHO!!!

2. When Edward rips off Bella's shirt to wrap HER wounded hand after she risked HER life for him. Couldn't he have torn off his own shirt or was it too expensive to wrap a beloved's bleeding arm? I couldn't stop laughing at this scene.

Apart from these 'marvelous' elements of Eclipse, there were also some bad acting. For example, Seth and Bree Tanner. I liked the actress who played Bree. She has that sweet, innocent look and she doesn't seem as if she'll turn into a vicious vampire. Her terrified expressions were believable but once she began talking, nah, all my good impressions of her were gone immediately.

Okay, I could be talking about the entire movie, scene for scene but I'm sure you guys must have watched it a hundred times already. Also yes, Eclipse is way better than Twilight and New Moon. Twilight was terrible and New Moon only slightly better (because of Taylor Lautner's terrific acting!).

I will buy the DVD once it comes out, just like how I've bought Twilight and New Moon. Yeah, don't ask me why I bought them even though I say they aren't worth watching. It's just something I need to have. Peer pressure, I guess. Or just jumping on the bandwagon. Whatev. Time to move on! :)


  1. I admit I keep watching Twilight and New Moon just for laughs. Dunno why but there are a lot of scenes there that make me go LOL. I've never been a fan of Twilight but I might go and see Eclipse sometime next wk. Lol. Can't wait to laugh :3

  2. er, they ain't werewolves actually.
    they are shape shifter :P

  3. What's the difference between werewolves and shape shifters?

  4. Faisal: But all werewolves are shape shifters, aren't they?? Human by day, wolf by night (or whenever they want). That's what I understand.

    Anne Royce: I'm not really sure now. Will need to do some research online! :D


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